Friday, December 7, 2007

This Means War!

For the last week I've been in search of a gray hair shampoo, something to take out the tinge of brassiness that has crept in of late and once again make my mane look bright, shimmering and sensational.  Having gone to 2 local grocery stores, 2 drugstores, 1 pharmacy and 1 Fantastic Sams and being unable to find one single bottle...  I have come to the shocking (ly obvious) realization that the beauty industry is at WAR with gray hair!  Cosmetic Companies have generated billions of dollars telling us that gray hair is ugly, gray hair needs to be hidden, colored over, and shamed from society! It's time to fight back!

 The stores have shelves devoted to color specific haircare products such as Brilliant Brunette Shine Release Shampoo, Sheer Blonde Tousled Tresses Fine Mist Wax, and Radiant Red Color-Keep Anti-Fade Shampoo... not to mention isles of actual hair dye, but I couldn't find one major retailer that even carries Clairol Shimmer Lights.  (Where do the old ladies get their blue hair juice?) Looks like I'm going to have to go to a full out beauty supply store. 

Or launch my own line of Gray-Positive products:  
Gorgeously Gray™ 

You heard it here first...

Coming soon...  Gorgeously Gray™ Glitter Mist Mousse!

Yes, in an aerosol can!