Saturday, July 5, 2008

Castle Gray Skull endorses Barack Obama!

FINALLY! The first pro-gray candidate for president! details the rapid graying of Barack Obama during the campaign.
Could it be the stress of the campaign is bringing out the Wise-n-Wiry Wefts?
Or is simply that he stopped secretly meeting with Oprah's colorist?

We don't care, we just love the newer, grayer, Barack and are thrilled to give him our formal endorsement for President of the U.S. of Gray!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wax Off!

It's finally summer, and bee season is upon us.
Let us use this opportunity, Silver Foxes and Vixens, to remember to check the ingredients of our hair styling products to see if any contain beeswax... And get rid of 'em!

Bees wax may be great in products for pigmented hair as an emulsifier and volumizing texture agent, but unfortunately the residue of the wax causes yellowing in gray hair and adds to an overall drab-itization. Plus it attracts dirt, and bees!

Some popular otherwise great products that contain beeswax include BrylCreem, Top Brass, American Crew Grooming Cream & Fiber, Jack Brass Texture Cream, Bumble & Bumble SumoWax and Sumotech, TIGI B, Woody's Headwax, Got2B Molding Putty, L'Oreal Beach Cream, and Paul Mitchell Shaping Paste!

Keep away!