Friday, March 8, 2013

Your OTHER Gray Hair Shampoo

We've written before about the best gray hair shampoos to eliminate brassiness and keep white hair vibrant and bright.  

But let's face it, some of those shampoos can be too harsh and drying to use every day. 
(Not to mention the more you use the blue-tinted shampoos the more they might stain the shower grout!)

 Gray hair specific shampoos are best used in rotation with some sort of conditioning shampoo. Since gray hairs tend to be more wiry and coarse than pigmented hairs, be sure to supplement your regular routine with some sort of nourishing shampoo.

Our current favorite is by Silky Sexy Hair formulated for Thick/Coarse hair. 

It contains softening hydrolyzed silk, enriching avocado oil, strengthening soy protein, and soothing matricaria flower extract (also known as Chamomile).
It has a sweet, comforting scent, and always leaves our hair softer and more manageable. We highly recommend it if you want to Love The Gray!

And of course they make a matching Silky Sexy Hair Conditioner!

What are your favorite conditioning shampoos?


Ella said...

Great post! Love the site. Personally I'm a fan of Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil shampoo. Very nourishing!

Bebe said...

Agree! The Silky Sexy Hair shampoo for coarse hair is my fave too! Their conditioning creme is a great product too that helps smoothe my frizz.

Tuft said...

This shampoo does not contain any strong cleaning agents (detergents). I'd guess it hardly foams. In your experience, how well does it clean?

There are also too many unsafe preservatives in this shampoo - Methylparaben, Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone all known to be strong allergens and cause skin irritation. The conditioning silicones in this shampoo are also not the safest available, some were shown to cause cancer in animal studies.

Because the silicones stay on the hair, I'd be concerned of using this shampoo.

Bruce the Gray said...

The Silky Sexy Hair shampoo has never caused any allergic reactions for us but certainly different people have different sensitivities.

All we can say is that we have used this shampoo and liked it but everyone should make up their own minds about what products they use. Thanks for the information, Tuft!

Bonnie said...

I've found that if I use silicone shampoos or conditioners a lot they will eventually weigh my hair down and make it hair look flat and greasy. So I use a clarifying shampoo once a week to cut down on the amount of silicone that stays in my hair after washing.

Anonymous said...

I go for whichever is on sale at the grocery store: Pantene or Herbal Essence!