Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Shimmer Man

The first just-for-salt hair product I ever used was called Shimmer Lights from Clairol, a dark purple shampoo with matching conditioner designed to keep gray hair from turning brassy and yellow. It was recommended to me by a real Hollywood stylist™, and it was the first time I had ever even heard that gray hair yellows so I ran right out and got some. The bottle was so professional and un-fancy looking that I knew it had to work. Turned out it does, it works great! Not only at making my white hairs bright and near-luminescent, but the purple dye in the shampoo also stained my shower almost instantly! We're talking about ceramic tile! Stained purple in seconds. Glad the landlord never caught it. Pretty much all of the blue hair shampoo I've ever used has done that to some effect including my current fave. Too bad my new bathroom is completely white! So now I use the purple stuff infrequently and carefully, just for an occasional brightness boost. Kinda like WhiteStrips for your hair!

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