Thursday, May 3, 2007

Where's Taylor's Gray Pride?

They decided to allow Gray Icon Taylor Hicks back onto the Idol last night, even though everyone who works on the show allegedly can't stand him. (Same goes for reporters!) Apparently the $70 Million dollars they raised with Idol Gives Back put the producers in a charitable enough mood to allow Taylor to beg for more money for them... via satellite of course.

Taylor is still working the "I'm Too Str8-Acting to Groom" look. It appears the only styling product he uses is the profuse sweat he generates while exuberantly blowing on his harmonica. Perhaps his lack of concern for making the most out of his mane is the real reason his career has hit the skids.

Our Tip for Taylor: Try a grooming creme like Keihl's Silk Groom, and do more duets with Snoop Dogg!

1 comment:

apriljeff said...

You, dear sir, are an idiot. Taylor was and is well liked by the others on idol. Also, he wasn't on satellite because they didn't want him there! You've got to be kidding me!! You're just jealous cause his hair is prettier than yours.