Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Inevitable Dye Job of Mitt Romney

The more Mitt Romney continues his unstoppable march to the GOP nomination, the more it becomes painfully clear:

Mitt Romney's hair is the wrong direction for America!

His dye job is way too dark and looks unnatural!
(Even for a RomneyBot™ as the New York Times calls him.)

His suspiciously dark and highly controlled coif (aka "The Mitt") remains a popular topic of conversation on the campaign trail:
NYMag has a pictorial salute to the Many Hairstyles of Mitt Romney.

The Boston Globe has Mitt's full Hairstory.
The New York Times interviewed Mitt's Boston stylist Leon de Magistris.
($70 haircuts, Mitt uses no styling products)

As unnatural as it looks to us, ultra-white at the temples and jet black everywhere else, Mormon Mitt claims not to "color" or "dye" it.
(Grecian Formula is clear, and it's chemical reaction would technically not count as a dye, would it?

We remain skeptical and ask:
How can we trust someone to be our president
if we can't trust
their hair color?

We want a president that has a natural looking gray!
At least with Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul you know where they

We urge Mr. Romney to "Love The Gray" and fire Leon de Magistris!
We know you like being able to fire people!


Anonymous said...

Mitt's hair is as phony as his political stances.

ronben said...

Growing up, I had a dad who had hair like Mitt Romney.
He had the grey sides and the predominance of black that dominated his scalp. He was about the same age as Mitt and dyed his hair with Grecian Formula about once a month. He did this because he was a salesman and had to remain youthful. I always thought that one of his greatest inner struggles was with his deep inner feelings of inauthenticity.
Mitt Romney is also projecting this as well.
He needs to wean himself from his Mormon self concept and get to know his real self

Alexis said...

Mitt has 1950's Salesman Hair 'cuz he wants to be like his daddy. His hairstyle is about as current as his policies!