Sunday, January 8, 2012

What Makes Hair Turn Gray?

The basic reason why hair turns gray... is that it ran out of "ink"!

Gray hair is caused by a reduction in pigment, which can be caused by age, genetics, or environmental factors. Hair is initially white, then is colored by melanin produced by the body. With age comes a reduction in the production in melanin thus hair turns gray and eventually back to white. The supply of pigmentation for each individual hair follicle becomes exhausted at different rates in different individuals. Those who go gray early are just lucky!

We will explore the science behind going gray and "get to the root" of the many factors believed to cause gray hair in future posts.

Whatever the causes, Love the Gray!

For a good overview explaining hair color "head" to Wikipedia.

The Library of Congress answers the Everyday Mystery: "Why Does Hair Turn Gray?" here:

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