Monday, January 28, 2013

Barack Obama: All The Way Gray?

Now that Barack Obama has been inaugurated for his second term, we must ask the question:

Will Barack Obama be fully gray by 2016? 

This photo comparison by the AP shows just how gray his hair has gotten since first taking office:
As do the official presidential portraits released by the White House:

2008                                2012

In 2016 Barack Obama will be 55 years old.  Will four more years of stress as Leader of the Free World turn all of his hair white by the time he leaves office?  We are thinking YES!  

Mr. Obama allegedly stopped using hair coloring during the 2008 campaign, but will too much salt in his pepper make him turn to the bottle again?  (Giving up hair dye can be just as difficult as quitting smoking!)

Of course, we hope he keeps it letting his hair go natural.  

We love the gray, Mr President!

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SilverSam said...

Being president sure does age ya!