Thursday, February 7, 2013

5 Best Gray Hair Conditioners

Our most popular post ever featured the 5 Best Gray Hair Shampoos, and since everybody loves a sequel...

The following are 
LoveTheGray's Official: 

Top Five Conditioners for Gray Hair! 

A rundown of our absolute favorite conditioners formulated especially for gray manes.  

#5 Pantene Silver Expressions Conditioner

Hair tends to get coarser and drier as it turns gray, so using an effective moisturizing conditioner is essential for Silver Foxes. A very basic and inexpensive option is Pantene Silver Expressions Color Enhancing Conditioner. You can do better, but it's probably the only one they sell at local your grocery store and may have to do in a pinch.

#4 Clairol Shimmer Lights Conditioner

Of course Clariol's grandmother of gray shampoos also has a counterpart Shimmer Lights Conditioner. (And we do mean grandmother!) If you're looking for anti-yellowing power than this is the conditioner for you. But be forewarned, Shimmer Lights is the classic "Blue Hair" maker.  Leave this in your hair for too long and you'll turn into a tragic old church lady! (Also, leave it in your shower too long and you'll have blue grouting!)

#3 Aveda Blue Malva Conditioner

Aveda's classic conditioner is specifically formulated with extracts of wild blue malva plant to neutralize brassy tones and coneflower to add brightness and boost color intensity. Aveda's Blue Malva Conditioner works especially well with gray highlights, making them appear brighter and more vivid. An organic anti-yellowing alternative, although less moisturizing than some of the other gray hair conditioners featured here.

#2 Silver Lights Conditioner by Biosilk

Not to be confused with Shimmer Lights, Silver Lights from Biosilk is a more modern take on gray hair care. Its silk protein infused blend leaves hair softer and more manageable, while performing the necessary task of extinguishing brassy highlights. A little on the pricey side but... you're worth it!

#1 Davines Alchemic Silver Conditioner

Italian haircare company Davines makes a variety of excellent styling products for gray hair, and this conditioner is no exception. Their Alchemic Silver Conditioner works especially well at removing brassiness from graying blonde hair.  With hydrolized milk proteins that enrich the hair while brightening it, this conditioner gave such great results that it earned the top spot in our countdown!

What are YOUR favorite Gray Hair Conditioners?  
Let us know in the comments!

LOVE the gray!


Alexis said...

Thanks for the great list!

Personally I find that Shimmer Lights really dries my hair out. I switched to Pantene for Gray hair since it's the only one they sell at my grocery store!

Estrellla said...

Just tried the Davines and LOVE IT!
Thanks for the tip!

Mandy said...

I've used Aveda Blue Malva for years and still swear by it! Mainly because I love the smell!

Vera said...

Great list, I've heard great things about the Davines before so i'm gonna try it! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I bought the Davines but did not realize it would be blue. Will it turn my hair blue?

Cherelle said...

Aveda Blue Malva fan here. Enjoyed your full review elsewhere on the site!

Deborah Tefft said...

I've been using Davines conditioner and shampoo for 2 years and there is nothing like it! It's fantastic.

Marianne said...

Crazy. My hair got very fine and soft after it went gray. I don't dare use conditioner or else it would be flatter than it already is! I long for some coarseness maybe that would give me some volume!

Denise said...

Thank you for turning me on to Davines! It's the best!

B.B. said...

Switched to the Davines because of your site and I LOVE IT! It has a woodsy smell that is very distinct. I recommend it highly!

Heather W. said...

Been using Aveda Blue Malva as my base shampoo and conditioner forever. There's just something about that Aveda smell, makes me feel like I'm at a spa!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you I now use the Davines in rotation with the Aveda. Love them both! Thank you!