Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Blue Hair Territory

We have never understood how old ladies let their hair get blue!?! 

Clearly they are aware enough to use the special blue rinse shampoo to keep it from yellowing, do they not notice their heads look like grape cotton candy? 

Are people afraid to tell them out of a sense of respect for the elderly? 

Or maybe that's just the look they were going for!

What do you think?

(Photo: Mrs Slocombe from BBC's "Are You Being Served")


Cathey said...

I just met a neighbor who had the most adorable short lavendar hair- not blue. I asked her about it and she said her natural hair was white and she just shampooed it daily with a shampoo she gets at Sally's. Stupidly, i didnt ask the brand or name. I have been using drk brown on my salt and drk pepper hair for years, but want to give in to the gray now (im a young looking 61, with shoulder length wavy hair) so i dont scare people when i turn around with my wrinkles. I'm wondering if using a shampoo like this would give me lovely lavendar roots as my grey grows out?

millie said...

Why do people make fun of older people with blue and lavender hair, but when a young person does it, it's somehow cool?????
My knitting teacher has a rainbow in her white hair :) It's definitely the look she was going for.