Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How To Go Gray - FAST!

With hot silver foxes like George Clooney and Dame Helen Mirren flaunting their gorgeous gray manes, and young stars like Kelly Osbourne and Kylie Jenner dyeing their hair silver just for fun... It seems everyone is going gaga for gray hair! 

Now that gray is having it's day, even those folks unlucky enough to have naturally dark hair want in on the trend. And thanks to modern science, anyone can go gray in minutes! 

After years of shaming people into dyeing away the gray, the beauty industry has realised they can make a fortune with silver-coloring products, so suddenly it's hip! Go figure!

Here are some of the top products currently on the market to turn your hair grey:

1. Crazy Color Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Silver

Sold in an iconic pink bottle, Crazy Color has one of the largest selections of bold hair dyes. If you have dark hair, you must first beach it before adding any color. Add this trendy Crazy Color Silver color cream and you'll stay gray anywhere from 3-9 weeks.

2. La Riche Directions in Silver
La Riche makes a popular silver semi-permanent dye as well, and theirs is vegan and not tested on animals if that's important to you. Again you'll need to bleach or pre-lighen your hair first, and one tub of La Riche Directions is enough to cover shoulder length hair. 

3. Stargazer Semi-Permanent in Silver
Stargazer is a fashionable brand that comes from the UK, and advertises that it's free of peroxide or ammonia. It costs less per bottle than the Crazy Color or La Riche, but the shipping charges from the UK may make the price difference a wash.

4. Pravana ChromaSilk in Silver
If you're looking for something more permanent, Pravana is one of the most popular brands of permanent hair colorings on the market. Their Pravana ChromaSilk line blends pure silk amino acids which they say helps drive the color deeper into the hair with keratin amino acids to keep the hair strong. They recommend using their Vivid Conditioner after pre-lightening your hair to help the color adhere better when you dye it.


Caution is necessary when using hair dyes. If you have never dyed your hair before do some research, read the reviews, and maybe even hire a professional! For some excellent tips on the entire process check out this article from Buzzfeed

And once you use a product to color your hair gray, don't use a shampoo with sulfates or you'll wash out the dye. We review one especially for gray hair here.

At one time it may have seemed revolutionary to write tips on actually trying to get gray hair, but whether it's natural or from a bottle our message remains the same: Love the gray!


Kat K. said...

Personally I've used Stargazer, Crazy Color and La Riche Directions. La Riche Directions is my fave as it was the best for toning my hair and dyeing it silver. Crazy Color was my second fave.

Denise said...

Agreed. La Riche Directions was my fave too.

Gayatri Dyes And Chemicals said...
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Susan in Phoenix said...

I've used Crazy Color before which worked well, will try La Riche next. Love the grey! Love this site!