Friday, June 12, 2015

How To Let Your Hair Go Gray - THE RIGHT WAY!

Last week we gave tips on how to get gray hair FASTBut let's get real... 
We're in this loving-the-gray thing for the long haul, not just as a quick and trendy color statement.
 So if you've been looking toying with the idea of letting your dye job grow out and natural gray grow in, here are some tips to help you along your way to being gray and gorgeous.

It's finally time to become the sexy silver fox you were born to be.
You've had it with pretending, and wasting money on ridiculously overpriced dye-jobs.
So embrace this exciting new hair chapter in your life!
Remember, you've EARNED it!
Gray hair does not make you old. Feeling old makes you old. 
Be one of those fierce, positive people proving that vitality is an attitude, 
not one of those scared fools thinking they can fight off the grim reaper with a bottle of Nice 'N Easy Medium Ash Brown.
All those silly little woo-girls can only dream about one day having a gorgeous gray mane. For you, that day is now!
Now, run to the nearest open window and scream: 

It's going to take longer than you think. 
Hair grows about 1-2 inches a month. So calculate how long it will take for your desired length and start mentally preparing. 
At about two months in you're going to contemplate chickening out and racing back to your hairdresser to beg for mercy. Don't do it! It will probably take a good 4-5 months before you have enough gray to see significant growth .
Tell your family and best girlfriends that this is what you're going and that you want their support. Talk with your stylist about what you're doing and ask for suggestions on a good style to wear your hair up. Just don't let them talk you out of letting the gray grow out. You will face resistance, you've been paying their rent with your hair dye!
Accept the grey roots, embrace them. 
They signify that you're on your journey to where you want your hair to be. 
Remember, pepper is no good without salt!

Headbands are the solution for many women seeking to cover up the transition area between the dye job and new growth. 
And they work great, so get a few. It may be your new look for a while.
For men, get a buzz cut. Voila, you're gray!
Women, you can do the buzz cut too and rock the short Jamie Lee Curtis look. 
(Haven't you always secretly wanted to have super-short hair anyway?)

Special gray hair shampoos and conditioners have been discussed extensively on this site. Get used to adding one to your shower routine. Not every day, just as part of the rotation to keep any yellowy dinge at bay. Start with our list of the Best Gray Hair Shampoos.  And don't forget a good conditioner! Gray hair tends to be courser and more wirey, so make sure to condition regularly. 

If you just can't deal with seeing gray roots, get a product like hair mascara or a colored hair pencil and color in your roots temporarily. They wash out with shampoo. It's about making you feel good about yourself, and if that's what you need in the short term then that's what you need. Try a product such as Color Wow Root Cover Up, Roux Hair Crayon, or Bumble and Bumble's Tint Powder:

(In your own, current hair color of course!)

We've always felt that it's best to work WITH mother nature rather than against her, so be brave and let's see your gorgeous gray hair! 
Let us know how it goes in the comments below!
Love yourself, LOVE THE GRAY!


June said...

Love your tips and your humour even more. Great blog!

Denise said...

SO glad I stumbled on your site!
Great advice, thank you!

Danielle said...

Bumble and Bumble's tint powder is the way to go. Great advice, great site!

Bruce the Gray said...

Thanks, Danielle, glad you enjoy!

Dana said...

First read this post a year ago and took your advice. It's been a long road to letting my colored hair grow out and loving my gray bur I'm finally there! THANK YOU!

Bruce the Gray said...

So glad to hear that, Dana! Glad we could help, and glad to hear you LOVE YOUR GRAY!

Charice Cherokee said...

Great tips! I finally let my hair go gray this year, and I've never gotten so many compliments!