Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New York Times Style Section learns to Love the Gray

The New York Times Style Section has finally discovered Gray Pride. In an article entitled "For Millennial Men, Gray Hair is Welcome", the editors offer this revelation:

"Gone are the days when guys would actively avoid graying hair. For a new generation of adventurous men, dyeing one’s hair gray is gaining traction, appropriating a naturally occurring phenomenon from older men and giving it a millennial twist."

So for men, going gray is officially "trending", and hipsters are now dyeing their hair grey as a "fashion statement." The "Gray Lady" also credits celebrities like One Direction's Zayn Malik, Olympic athlete Gus Kenworthy, and YouTuber Tyler Oakley with bringing the gray look into the public eye.  

Of course, we here at Love The Gray have known this for ages. That well kept, well groomed gray hair is gorgeous on both men and women. And of course, women were already on the forefront of this trend, and the sexism of the NYT's coverage is laid out in this excellent piece on The Frisky: "The Times is a Year Behind on Hair Trends".

"It’s annoying that the 2015 piece on women and grey hair talked about embracing ageing while the men’s piece on grey hair claims that it’s not about embracing aging, it’s just about being fashion forward, making the women’s piece an appraisal of women’s entire bodies while affording men the ability to just have it be about their hair. It’s annoying that the women’s piece got stuck into their “Women in the World” vertical while the men’s piece got put into the Fashion & Style section, as if the topic didn’t belong in the more widely-read section until men were doing it."

And if you're looking for tips on easy ways to color your hair gray check out our post How To Go Gray Fast!


Anonymous said...

How ironic that The Gray Lady swoons over gray haired men while shaming the gray ladies!

Carol said...

It's totally sexist the way the Times says women going gray is about embracing aging but men are just being fashionable. Well, maybe not just the New York Times but our whole society!