Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Do Gray Hair Pills Work?

You've seen the ads and it got you wondering... could a little pill get rid of my gray hair? Spoiler alert: NO!

These anti-gray pills claim to prevent and reverse grey hair using an enzyme called catalase, all based on the fact that a 2009 study reported that gray hair has lower-than-normal levels of catalase. However, the study said absolutely nothing about whether taking catalase supplements actually stops hair from turning grey. And the companies marketing these pills have offered absolutely ZERO proof that they work. None! In fact, the three leading manufacturers have been sued for millions by the FTC for false advertising and have been ordered to stop claiming they get rid of gray hair. Yet do you think that has actually stopped them? 

Lacking any actual scientific evidence to back up their claims, the companies marketing these pills use the only evidence ever offered by snake-oil salesman: the "testimonial". Testimonials are subjective, highly selective, and prove nothing other than that someone who was paid to say a product worked said: "It worked! (Now where's my check?)". 

Have a look at the Amazon reviews for one of these products, the positive reviews are all from people who were either paid or given free samples to write a review. And even those mostly say "they haven't started working yet, but I'm hopeful!" 

If you really want to get rid of your gray hair, the only way is to dye it. Period. Sorry. 
But may we suggest just going gray gracefully instead? 
Dare we say, loving your gray? 

If you want some tips on how to transition into a gorgeous silver fox have a look at our post: How To Let Your Hair Go Gray The Right Way.


Sherrie said...

It would be curious to find out how many customers actually buy a SECOND bottle?? My guess would be not very many!

Denise said...

I tried catalase pills before, complete waste of money!

Bruce the Gray said...

Sorry to hear you wasted your money, Denise, but thank you for letting other people know so they can save some of theirs!

Jax said...

Totally bogus.

Anonymous said...

Who knows what these shady manufacturers even put in these pills?